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Accredited Installer founded in 2012 over 24 years experience

We are Expert Plumbers, Gas And Heating Engineers In Bath, Bristol, and surrounding area. Founded in 2012, A.D.S Plumbing & Heating SW Ltd has developed a reputation of completing gas and plumbing contracts to the highest standard and to the satisfaction of the client’s specification. We provide this service to the consumer, commercial, industrial and retail sectors.

We work in close partnership with all our clients where we consistently deliver work on time and to the highest quality. Our contracts are carried out by our own team of, experienced qualified contractors who carry out installation work to current Regulations and Standards. Extensive use is made of the latest technology to ensure the highest levels of efficiency; control, quality, environmental and Health and Safety Management are in place.

WORCESTER Bosch Accredited

A.D.S respect for people encompasses treatment of our own employees, our interaction with the communities in which we operate, and our management of the relationships within our supply chain.


We believe that profit, and therefore our future, should not be a short-term goal, but the long-term result of our commitment to quality, both to our employees, our clients, our customers and to A.D.S Plumbing & Heating SW Ltd.


Introducing the Worcester Bosch
Discount Heating Lifestyle Range.


The new boiler range features a modern new design whilst being packed with innovative new features that help keep your home warm and your boiler working at its best.

The future is style.


For more than 50 years, we’ve innovated to create boilers to warm your home. Now, building upon the foundations of our award-winning Greenstar boiler range, we’ve created a stunning design-led boiler for the heart of your home without any compromise on quality or performance.


Cleverly Connected.


The Style range has been designed to suit your lifestyle as well as your home. With an easy-to-use full colour boiler display and wireless connectivity with our smart thermostat, the Bosch EasyControl, you have the power to effortlessly control your home's heating and hot water from anywhere.

My project-9.png

It's never been easier to buy this phenomenal boiler


Spread the cost of your new boiler with flexible payments

Smart and Powerful


Style is the most powerful and connected wall hung boiler yet. Capable of delivering up to 50kW with the highest hot water flow rates of any wall hung combi-boiler on the market. This makes the A.D.S Plumbing & Heating SW Ltd Style range perfect for homes of any size, with the power to comfortably heat large homes with two or more bathrooms.


Intelligently working to keep your

boiler at it's best 


Style boilers feature innovative new technology that helps to keep your system pressure maintained. The optional unique Intelligent Filling System means if ever your heating system’s pressure drops, the intelligent filling system will automatically re-fill your heating system to the optimum level, removing the need to manually top your system up.

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